Musig Sedie is a company in the “Chair Triangle” area of Northern Italy which has developed from the experience and culture of a well-established tradition, passed down from father to son over almost a century.

The brothers Musig have inherited the tradition of family owned and managed company started by the initiative of their grandfather who, back in 20’s, brought chairs “friulane”  handcrafted. They picked up the baton, also trying to constantly  update the activities in order to meet  the needs of national and international market in constant evolution.

For some years now, Musig Sedie,  next  to the production of traditional “chairs arte povera”  approaches even those of modern design  that  follow the  customers’ tastes.

For the care and selection of the raw material, since 1999 uses an important own property large structure in Slovakia, Legno Export, that buys directly the trunks in the forests of origin and cure all manufacturing steps. The quality is guaranteed by constant inspection of materials used and various production phases. This has enabled the Legno Export to obtain international certification “FSC” (Forest Stewardship Council), a label that assures the consumer that the wood used corresponds to high standard of safeguard environmental characteristics, social and economic value of forests.

With the benefit of a warehouse which is always able to meet any type of order – even very large orders – in real time. Our products are submitted to the control made by qualified companies, like CATAS, to ensure consistent quality standards. Prompt delivery, quality and competitive prices, therefore, make our company an important point of reference for our customers.